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Local pickup option offered in Denver

About Us

The Locals Sale is on a mission to inject some sustainability and inclusivity into a world where a lift ticket can cost over $200 per day, winter jackets and ski pants can run into the thousands, and equipment is discarded more than it needs to be.

We simply recycle the gear in the outdoor industry - from what's sitting unused in a pro's closet to a brand's warehouse.

First and foremost, we tackle the waste that is inherent in the outdoor industry. Outstanding brands support their athletes with mountains of new gear each season. The result is a lot - a whole lot - of brand new, or barely touched top-end outdoor gear that sits in closets, in warehouses, or is discarded. We collect this excess gear and sell it, which brings us to our next point: inclusivity.

Quality outdoor gear is expensive, but the outdoor activities the gear is built for should be available to all. By offering recycled gear at a fraction of the cost that it retails for, more people can afford to get the equipment they need for the adventures they dream of. When more people from all backgrounds are equipped and excited to explore wild places, then these wild places will have a stronger coalition fighting for their preservation.

What on the surface may appear to be an online shop with great deals, or a pop-up sale with good vibes and friendly faces, is in fact our way of addressing the waste and inequality in the outdoors. We initially focused on Winter Sports gear and have now become part of the Out&Back Outdoor family, broadening our product range to offer you more options. We're committed to inclusivity, believing that every brand, no matter how small, can collaborate with us. Whether you have just one item to recycle or a whole collection, we're here to support you on your outdoor adventures.

Everyone's a local on planet Earth the way we see it. So, let's outfit ourselves in a way that reduces waste and invites more friends into the outdoors.