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Size charts for skis & ski boots

Wonderin bout the proper length for skis?

Well, listen well, me heartie ,,,, for there be no mystical spell to reveal the perfect size for yer planks. It be a matter of matchin' it to yer height, weight, and yer ability.

In the grand scheme of things, a good rule be that yer skis should stand somewhere betwixt yer chin and the crown of yer noggin. Depending on the ol rocker of the ski as well. Let's say ye be a tall buccaneer of 6 feet – then seek out skis in the range of 170 to 190cms. But mark me words, the precise size for ye depends on yer skill and style when it comes to navigatin that white gold. 

There be more to consider than just the length.  The category of yer skis, the type of snow beneath yer boots, the lay of the land and cut of the ski runs...and even yer personal fancy all weigh anchor in this decision. 

How to size up yer ski boots?

Fear not, for I'll unravel the secrets of how these sea-worthy foot vessels be sized, and what in blazes be this mysterious Mondopoint saying.

For ski boots follow the ways of Mondopoint,  system that gauges the length of yer foot in centimeters. Measure yer foot's length in centimeters, and ye shall unveil the key to yer Mondopoint size –  the magic number.

For the bold and the elite, them scallywags may opt for an even smaller boot, cravin' the utmost precision. But beware, a snug fit may bring pressure points and pain. If ye dare tread this perilous path, consult with a skilled bootfitter to guide ye through this process. Bone spurs, frozen toes and trench foot (jk) can occur. 

And mark me words, when it comes to half sizes, let it be known that, despite what the boot stickers may proclaim, ski boots only come in full-size increments. A 25.0 boot and a 25.5 boot share the same shell – no difference in fit. Some crafty manufacturers may toss in a "size adjuster," a apparatus to lessen the boot's volume and snug up the fit around your paw, so be on the lookout for goodies in your boot box.