The mission of the Locals Sale is to provide the absolute best deals on new and used ski and snowboard gear. While doing this we help recycle and reuse excess gear that athletes or brands have sitting in their basements or warehouses.

We understand that winter sports are extremely expensive and often the price of quality gear is a barrier to entry for some. Hopefully we can help with that problem. 

We are a hybrid online store and pop up shop (when safe) that grants access to thousands of new and used quality ski & snowboard goods direct from pro athletes, outdoor brands, and industry insiders like reps, or photographers. 

We collect gear from these athletes, outdoor companies and the seldom social media influencer, with the sole goal of providing the public with an opportunity to find the most affordable ski & snowboard gear. We currently work with over 200 athletes and dozens of outdoor brands ...and counting.

Modern retail is still set up to benefit whoever sells the product, not the customers who buy it. But with the Locals Sale, customers are granted access to a full range of new and used products straight from the brands or athletes themselves. That means that you’ll only pay for what we think the product is worth (always well below retail) and any fulfillment fees (like packaging, warehousing, and shipping). There’s no high-end branding to pay for and no retailer looking to mark up your Gore-Tex jacket.