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Size chart for Snowboard

Now, pickin' the right size be crucial for a snowboard?

In the days of yore, they'd say stand by the board, and if it be hittin' yer chin, that be the one! But hold yer horses, for there be more to it than that.

Consider yer weight and the kind of shredventure ye seek. If ye fancy freeridin', lean toward a longer board for stability and speed. Now, if it be freestyle ye crave, go for smaller sizes – perfect for spinnin' and maneuverin in the ol' stunt ditch. 

Each snowboard boasts its own treasure with specific sidecut, but remember, the length be as personal as pickin' yer favorite Caribbean island. Don't get too confused down in the advice – if ye be happy sailin' with a longer or shorter plank, let it be so! Here's our basic Snowboard Size Chart to set ye on the right course

May the winds in your sails bring storm clouds and powdery trails await!