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Posted by Jake Cohn on

It is time to introduce Lars, our friendly and well-groomed mountain pirate who only wants to be able to stay warm and dry in the elements without having to spend an arm and a peg-leg. Why is Lars a bearded skeleton pirate in a beanie (tuque for you folks up north) you may ask? Well, who are we to tell a skeleton pirate what career he may pursue? It’s 2022, Lars can be anything or anyone he wants. And it seems hair sticks around after the flesh leaves, so that should explain the beard and why Lars is so fond of his. 

Anyway, just like each piece of gear we sell, Lars has a story of his own that is far from finished. In fact, it’s just getting started. It wouldn’t be polite to just lay out Lars’ biography here like a Wikipedia page, those are details that you will have to find out for yourself as you get to know Lars better. All we can say is that we think he is Scandinavian… but we aren’t sure, he’s never done a 23&Me. 

However, we will point out that Lars is no stranger to the values that our company holds dear. It was a different era, but pirate Lars was ahead of his time when it came to gear recycling, enjoying the outdoors, and taking care of the planet. When industry and big businesses were just beginning to specialize in wasting resources and polluting, Lars and friends were sailing the seas, carbon neutral, using nothing but the wind. When Lars’ parents told him to find a respectable job like making shoes for horses, he chose to pursue his passions instead and tuned towards the great outdoors. When the wealthy were importing the newest trends, clothes, and items from around the world, Lars was reusing ships, saving water with fewer laundry loads, and recycling gold, jewels, and treasures by finding new homes for it all. Sometimes even returning the precious metals and rocks to the ground where they belong. When Lars or a friend lost a tooth trying to eat an organic mollusk, they didn’t replace it with ivory form a slaughtered elephant. They just made a new one out of wood and continued living the dream. 

You see, Lars isn’t just a hipster looking logo. Lars is a pioneer ski bum. A pirate who is all in to help us recycle the outdoor industry’s gear. 

Look out for Lars as we grow and his journeys take him around the world again. He likes to stick to lift towers, bumpers and laptops, but he doesn’t care were he ultimately lands as long as you stick him there. 


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