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Local pickup option offered in Denver

Ever wondered about our history?

Posted by Jake Cohn on

2011 & 2012
Tired of Vancouver's ski swaps being as fun as a pair of wet skins at dawn, We threw a yard sale/party to say 'slang' lightly used pro-rider gear.

Witnessing an interest spike, Locals Sale jumped into the pop-up scene, with one in Canada and four surprise appearances in the US.

The pop-up parties caught on like wildfire in Canada (too soon?). We had one in Canada and a magnificent seven in the US, with brands hopping on our fun train and multi-day events!

Locals Sale began to play gear-Tetris, moving equipment from place to place. This move made our parties bigger, better, and stocked like a pros basement, ending up with a stonking 25 events across Canada and the US.

Spreading faster than the rumor of a new girl in a ski town. The Locals Sale popped-up in more locations for longer durations, from a week to a month in happening spots like Seattle, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City. Plus, we added a random non-endemic sponsor in San Francisco because why not?

Locals Sale said 'Guten Tag' to Austria, with our first two events in Innsbruck. One event was so cool it was co-hosted with Black Diamond at their flagship climbing wall. Talk about hanging out! "clipping" "take...." "I said take......."

When the pandemic hit, we hopped online faster than Candide goes Viral. Our online store was born, and in 2021, Boulder, Colorado got a taste of our Pop-Up party.

Boulder, Colorado played host to our Pop-Up bash, where sales records broke faster than a cheap pair of skis! Wait, what? We didn't sell you them.

The Locals Sale moved to a ginormous (not ginormous) warehouse in Salt Lake City, a place where the talent pool is deeper than a pow day at Alta, mountains are close enough to fist-bump, and the beer... well, let's just say it's on a diet. Thanks, Joseph.

Endlessly collecting and cataloging winter gear now has us daydreaming about skiing and riding all the darn time. We're under a spell and need a fairy godmother or a handsome prince to break it. Or maybe just summer. Anyone? Help?

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